Apollo Haze Regular Cannabis Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds
Apollo Haze Regular Cannabis Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds

Apollo Haze Regular Cannabis Seeds by Brothers Grimm Seeds

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Brand Brothers Grimm Seeds
Pack Size 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
Morphology Mostly Sativa with two major phenotypes
Genetics Sativa
Lineage Genius female x Cinderella 99/Super Silver Haze male.
Yield High
Seed Type Regular

in stock

Seed Disclaimer

All our descriptions and images have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom. Take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any cannabis plants within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as novelty item and should never be germinated. SIMPLY FOLLOW THE LAW OF YOUR LAND AND ENJOY YOUR SOUVENIRS.

Using a Super Silver Grail Haze male gifted to us by our internet friend “has_some_sense”, we pollenated the famous Genius clone to create this monster hybrid.

The SSGH male is the result of our friend’s having crossed his keeper Cinderella 99, the female dubbed “The Grail” to a very select Super Silver Haze male. The result of recombining these genes unlocked a real jewel; this male added potency, vigorous growth, and large, strong branches to the progeny.

In our testing, 2/3 of the population remained true to the Genius clone; displaying more compact structure and heavy colas. The remaining 1/3 of the plants expressed a much larger structure and more elongated floral development. The aromas range from the spicy, lime/citrus, fuel of Genius (but amplified) while the shorter phenotypes smell of tropical fruit, elderberries, black currents and a mildly influenced haze afternote.

They all taste as they smell and all produce very resinous, large flowers. The high is very energetic with no anxiety and no crash, the perfect active weed with a very sharp head.

  • Lineage:  Genius female x Cinderella 99/Super Silver Haze male.
  • Flowering Time: 63-70 days of 12/12 flowering.
  • Morphology:  Mostly Sativa with two major phenotypes: one third of the population is compact in stature, short, bushy, medium-stretch plants, while the other third are tall and lanky. They both yield extremely well and have delicious flavors, so it comes down to your personal preference when the time comes to choosing a mother plant.
  • Yield: High

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