Chimtal (Hash State) Regular Cannabis Seeds by Afghan Selection
Chimtal (Hash State) Regular Cannabis Seeds by Afghan Selection

Chimtal (Hash State) Regular Cannabis Seeds by Afghan Selection

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Brand Afghan Selection
Pack Size 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-11 Weeks
DNA Indica Dominant
Genetics Indica
Yield Medium / High
Seed Type Regular

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The Afghan Selection consists of two hashish-in and local aficionados with over 50 years combined total experience who has put together some of the most amazing collection of Afghan landraces for everyone to enjoy and experience.  Here you’ll find everything that Afghanistan has to offer in cannabis. The Afghan genepool is one of the best defined smells in the world. Everything from citrus, grapefruit, diesel, earthy, pistachios, skunk and Mango.

The colours of our landraces are very impressive with a wide range of tones, huge sunleafs stacking the colas so some maintenance is to be expected, along with the most amazing experience you’ll ever find growing and consuming this medical cultivars. The terpene profile and effect of landraces are very “clean” and strong, long lasting compared to many new strains

Chimtal – World Famous hash state
Stock of 2018

Chimtal District, located in the western part of Balkh Province in the northern part of Afghanistan. Bordering both Turkmenistan in the north west and Uzbekistan in the north and Tajikistan in the north east.

This cannabis heart of Afghanistan (Chimtal Dist) is world famous for its amazing aromatic hash, once could equal it to what ketama is in Morocco.

Chimtal, Dist – Balkh Province

Climate variability humidity 20-80%

  • Temp April/May 13-33c and 13h day light seeds are planted
  • Temp June/July 25-40c and 14.5h day light
  • Temp Sep/Oct 10-33c and 12h day light flowering starts
  • Temp Nov/Dec 1-15c and 10h day light local harvest time
  • Temp Jan/Feb 0-10c and 11h day light

The Plant
Is an heirloom local BLD landrace

It grows large with thick stems and branches to support some huge trichrome covered buds. Plant colour varies from green to silver, to black and red. The terpene profile varies from earthy ripe fruits to spicy and hazelnut.

The Hash
Has very narcotic properties, definitely a strong Indica.


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