Seriotica Female Weed Seeds by Serious Seeds
Seriotica Female Weed Seeds by Serious Seeds

Seriotica Female Weed Seeds by Serious Seeds

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Brand Serious Seeds
Pack Size 6 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor/ Outdoor
Recommended flowering 5.5-7.5 Weeks
Type Hybrid
Indoor Yield 350 – 500 gr/m2
Seed Type Feminised
Lineage Cookies x Serious Mimosa

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Seed Disclaimer

All our descriptions and images have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom. Take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any cannabis plants within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as novelty item and should never be germinated. SIMPLY FOLLOW THE LAW OF YOUR LAND AND ENJOY YOUR SOUVENIRS.

Seriotica Female Weed Seeds by Serious Seeds 

Seriotica by Serious Seeds is the resulting progeny of the Serious Mimosa with the infamous Cookies. Seriotica is a delightfully easy strain to grow and will equally enthral smokers as it will the grower. Seriotica has a sophisticated, layered plant structure that ensures a heavy potency, high yield, and much more.

Seriotica phenotypes generally express a consistently similar plant structure; they grow in a similar compact shape that is equally short and sturdy with multiple side branches. All side branches are incredibly hardy and will effortlessly carry the weight of the plump & heavy buds. Seriotica grows dense and roundish with not too many leaves compared to the bud ratios. Nearly the entire plant will be encapsulated in thick layers of trichomes that coat the buds, the tiny leaves and even the larger fan leaves & stems. Seriotica also has excellent resistance against grey mould & powdery mildews

THC levels of around 25-28% provide potent effects that refrain from full sedation or stupefying. Seriotica can be cropped extremely early at approximately 37 days of flower and will induce classic uplifting Sativa effects. This is an unbelievable timescale when compared to other hybrids on the market, making it one of the fastest or the fastest photoperiod strains we’ve had the pleasure of seeing. When taken for a more prolonged flowering period, up until around 58 days of flower will leads to a heavier and more indica leaning effect. Seriotica’s leaves and buds will show more colours like pink, crimson and purple tones towards late flowering. The variance in terp profiles is quite significant but always remains tantalisingly terpy in aroma and flavour. Seriotica is one of those strains that smells just as good when harvested and dried as it does being grown. The only drawback is picking which phenotype is your favourite might be challenging!

Recommended veg. time3 – 4 weeks

Indoor flowering time5.5 – 7.5 weeks

Indoor yield350 – 500 gr/m2

Outdoor harvest timemid September/early October

THC levelsVery high

CBD levelsLow

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