Sowah sherbert Female Cannabis Seeds by PhenoFinder Seeds
Sowah sherbert Female Cannabis Seeds by PhenoFinder Seeds

Sowah sherbert Female Cannabis Seeds by PhenoFinder Seeds

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Brand Pheno Finder Seeds
Pack Size 5 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 7-8 Weeks
Genetics Hybrid
Lineage Sherbert S1 x Karma Sour D BX2
Yield Medium
Seed Type Feminised

Out of stock

Sowah Sherbet cannabis seeds from Pheno Finder Seeds is the latest release from this innovative, international seed company and this could be the most exciting to date.

Sowah Sherbet is derived from a cross of Karma Genetics elite Sowah Diesel BX2 and the cup-winning Sunset Sherbet S1 which has been wowing connoisseurs since her launch.
Karma Genetics broke the mould with Sour Diesel BX2; it’s an elite, top shelf hybrid in its own right (Sour Diesel x Sour Diesel BX1) and one that simply flies off the shelves here at SeedFantasy. She was selected by the breeders at Karma Genetics back in 2007 and is the mother of the celebrated Headbanger strain.
This exciting new hybrid is sure to be popular given that she exhibits the very best characteristics of both her parent strains.

Legally-operating growers can look forward to prolific, vigorous plants with over-the-top resin production. Legal extraction artists have a new candidate here too.
Flavours and aromas are truly unique – pungent, gassy funk from the Sour Diesel fuses into layers of deliciousness with the skunk, citrus and ripe berry flavours from the Sunset Sherbet. We can genuinely see this strain with a chance of being a potential Cup winner in coming years – a truly astonishing terpene profile. She flowers in around 70-75 days and her dank, dense flowers would look well gracing the top shelf of any legal cannabis dispensary in the world.
As knowledgeable connoisseurs would expect from the genetic pedigree, Sowah Sherbet has potency to burn: Pheno Finders own legally conducted test-grows showed THC levels well in excess of 20%.
Be advised; this is not a strain for those new to cannabis.

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